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"About Us"

Mothers Against Methamphetamine is involved in community education about the horrors of methamphetamine addiction at many different levels. Our videos and printed materials, booklets and pamphlets, provide basic information about the effects of methamphetamine on the human brain and personality in terms anyone can understand. Our chapters use these materials to hold community education events in schools, churches and community centers all across the country.

Both Christian and Secular materials are available. The High is a Lie is our secular program suitable for public schools and workplaces. The video was recently revised and updated to include the most recent discoveries about the effects of methamphetamine on the human brain. Crystal Meth: They Call it Ice is our Christian program suitable for church groups, youth and adult, and for outreach to the community. A collection of booklets and pamphlets is also available for community outreach.

Mothers Against Methamphetamine holds continuing education seminars for professionals to inform community leaders and keep them up to date on the rapidly changing research on methamphetamine, trends in use and importation, effects on the minds and bodies of users, advances in rehabilitation, effects on the unborn fetus and children of addicts, and strategies for prevention. These seminars of up to three days include information for teachers, nurses, counselors, social workers, law officers, and drug court professionals to help them in their work on the front lines in the fight against addiction. These seminars are approved for CEU credit through Jacksonville State University.

Mothers Against Methamphetamine also has video and printed material for those ministering to addicts, in jail or prison, and in rehabilitation settings. The Power Over Addiction curriculum is used with addicts and inmates across the nation to educate them about all drugs of abuse, including methamphetamine, and show them the mercy of Jesus Christ for the struggling addict.

With the foundational materials provided by Mothers Against Methamphetamine, our chapters are moving in their local communities with youth programs, drug endangered children’s programs, family support groups, and educational programs. They are partnering with organizations like Celebrate Recovery, National Drug Endangered Children, and Crystal Darkness to bring proven quality programs into their communities.

Mothers Against Methamphetamine continues to move forward with upcoming Spanish translations of our videos and printed materials. Future projects include a workbook for family members dealing with real addicts and tough love issues in the real world. There is still much to do to accomplish our mission.

Please consider joining us in our mission. We need your time, your talents, your prayers, and your funds to enable us to keep up the fight against methamphetamine addiction. You can join as a member, or consider starting a chapter in your community. Your donations empower us to continue to provide materials to prisons and inmates at low cost. Thank you for looking over this website. We hope we can meet your needs for information, encouragement, and community as you fight against methamphetamine addiction in your family or community.

Pamphlets, Books, DVD's, Clothing, and More!

"Who We Are"

Mission Statement: The mission of Mothers Against Methamphetamine (MAMa) is to glorify God by providing competent and compassionate drug education and rehabilitation resources that reflect the mercy of Jesus Christ for the addict, their family, and the community. 

Pamphlets, Books, DVD's, Clothing, and More!

"Why We Do It"

There is an epidemic of addiction sweeping this nation. There are more than one drug, but opoids, methamphetamine, cocaine, and several others are leading persons of all ages into addiction.

 There is an extremely potent form of “speed” that is ravaging our youth and young adults. Methamphetamine is the most addictive drug on the planet.

 Even just one dose/hit can destroy the self control section of the brain. It is cheap and easy to make. It knows no boundaries, rich, poor, black, white, educated, ignorant, young and old. It is destroying lives and abandoning children by the thousands in communities just like yours all over America.

 Our material is equipping individuals with the necessary resources to fight drug addiction in our homes, schools and communities.

We have material for families, concerning all drugs, secular material for schools and organizations who cannot use our faith based material.

Pamphlets, Books, DVD's, Clothing, and More!


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